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Music Director - Cristian-Frédéric Bloquert
Artistic Coordinator - Adrienne Schoenfeld

The BeComEnsemble is a New York City based contemporary music ensemble co-founded by Christian-Frédéric Bloquert and Wong Foo Jeng in 2022 that prioritizes the programming of musical and interdisciplinary works by young artists of the highest caliber. The ensemble's goal is to redefine the concert going experience by providing artists a platform to showcase their works, and in doing so pave the way for greater innovation and curiosity.


Christian-Frédéric Bloquert
Music Director & Co-Founder

Christian-Frédéric Bloquert is a French composer and a conductor. He is the co-founder and Music Director of the BeComEnsemble. His works have been performed by the Berklee Contemporary Symphony, the MIVOS Quartet, the PHACE Ensemble, the Symphony Orchestra of Brasilia, the Juilliard Symphony, the Basel Sinfonieorchester, and the Ensemble InterContemporain amongst others.

He was the recipient of the 2020 ASCAP Foundation Morton Gould Young Composers Award and, in 2021, he was a finalist of the Basel Composition Competition. Later that year he also won the Juilliard Orchestra composition Competition. Bloquert was a 2022 Blueprint Fellow and was commissioned by the 2022 edition of the New York City Ballet's Choreographic Institute for which he also won the 2022 Israel/Pellman Prize.

Visit Chris' website.


Adrienne Schoenfeld
Artistic Coordinator

   Adrienne Schoenfeld is a composer and bassist based in New York City. Her work explores electronics, and is based upon collaboration and improvisational practices. Alongside members Leah Micheal Whalen and Jake Miles, she founded the experimental new music trio, kon.trip. She has created music for a number of dance collaborations with artists Weichen Cui, Lu Wang, Tshedzom, and Rafailia Bampasidou. In 2022, she participated in Ensemble Evolution led by International Contemporary Ensemble as a bass player and composer. Some of her recent bass performances include at the IRCAM Forum, with Noise Catalouge, and at the Interactive Perofmance Art Series.

Visit Adrienne's website.


At BeComEnsemble we take pride in working with an ever growing list of young composers. Here are the incredible artists whose works we have been lucky to perform.

Jemina Brechoire

Jemina Brechoire

Wong Foo Jeng

Wong Foo Jeng

Sofia Ouyang

Sofia Ouyang

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