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Le Temps Qui Se Perd Dans Ses Yeux

12 min - - 3xPerc - Pno - Hp -

The notion of time is a fickle one, for a moment can feel like an instant and linger for an eternity that delights in ending before you can catch it.

Similarly, looking into someone's eyes, be it intentional or accidental, can unwittingly catches us by surprise and under the right circumstances, for the briefest of seconds, we unconsciously experience the length of this person's years, past, present and future.

This piece was a finalist in the 2021 Basel Composition Competition.

Recent Performances
Polaire I_Cover.jpg
Cover by Victoria Bloquert.
Polaire I_Cover.jpg

Basel Sinfonieorchester - 04/03/21 - Don Bosco, Basel

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