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Imploding the Fantastic Dream

Pierrot Ensemble, Electric Guitar, Drums & Actor
15 min
Fl - Cl (+B.Cl) - Sop - Act - Pno/Syn - E.Gtr - Vln - Vcl

Wake up!
Familiar is the façade of
Faces that manifests before me.
Faces, which I have seen?
Falling forward, inward,
Finding the furthest reaches of my fears.
Finally, the door. Will I
Find it? No.
Four steps onto the sinking floor,
Failing to see that which was so:
Fast fragments of formidable figures
Formed the familiar façade,
Forcefully collapsing, ripping the
Frail fabric unto which it is bound,
Imploding the fantastic dream.

Recent Performances
Polaire I_Cover.jpg
Polaire I_Cover.jpg

Luca Fontaine & NS Ensemble - 13/02/22 - National Sawdust

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